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No two people work the same, yet most office spaces are designed that way.


Modern work spaces and office environments are driven by collaboration and adaptability. They should support staff with varied working options, based on the activity type, and the needs and working styles of individuals.



Activity-Based Working

Activity-based working (ABW) recognises that a one-size-fits-all approach in workspaces isn’t always effective. ABW workspaces are created with the individual in mind, allowing employees to customise their environment to suit various types of work, meeting types and collaborative efforts to maximise efficiency. This is particularly useful when managing different generational working preferences and styles.

ABW fitout considerations include: integration of meeting facilities, quiet spaces, formal and casual areas, mobility of work, and technology. ABW can enhance greater agility, innovation and creativity.

People Centric Design

Workplaces should be designed around how humans work. A comprehensive Workplace Assessment at the outset of a design project is key to understanding the needs of your employees.

Employees work best when they have dedicated spaces to collaborate and share ideas, as well as quiet dedicated spaces for more focussed work. Separate breakout areas foster well-rested employees and encourage them to relax, socialise and recharge. By designing with the end user as the primary consideration, workspace fitout can be effectively used to increase staff retention, provide balance to the work day, and increase employee satisfaction.


Engagement with stakeholders and users before, during and after the design process is critical to the success of any design project. Transitions to new workspaces can be stressful, so it is crucial to communicate and consult with staff to ensure buy-in and create an easy transition.

Engineered to suit your business

At Lekkier, we create a range of workspace environments that support different working styles and the varied activities your employees engage in during the day. We are dedicated to delivering outcomes, and are guided by our clients’ individual needs and desires.

We combine our extensive knowledge of commercial design, fitout, project management and  psychology with the characteristics of your unique brand, mission, employee personalities, and future goals.

Every project begins with a thorough analysis of the space, and discussions with key stakeholders. From there we will draft an initial design, and collaborate with you to make any changes you feel are necessary to capture your vision.

From there, we can project manage every aspect of the fitout to ensure work is completed on time and on budget, and with minimal disruption.

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