Bar and club interior design and fitout project management.

We specialise in the design and construction management of bar and club fitout projects

At Lekkier, we invest in understanding your business needs to create a bar fitout that reflects your unique character, budget and timeframe. We are dedicated to creating ambient, inviting spaces that effortlessly attract patrons and increase the profitability of your business. We place a strong emphasis on the integration of lighting, acoustics and technologies in our bar fitouts to dynamic environments that enhance the experience of your patrons.

At the forefront of our thinking are ways that design can be harnessed to help manage risk during bar and club operations. We assist your business to minimise risk by integrating effective operating systems and workflows. Our integrated bar designs help you manage work health and safety, liquor licensing, security, and general liability risk.

At Lekkier, we are people-centric and place a strong emphasis on client engagement. We invest in understanding your unique needs and business ethos. We work proactively with you to guide your club or bar fitout to completion and into operation.

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Other services

Liquor licensing

We guide you through the preparation and lodgement process for liquor license applications.

Specialised bar equipment

We design stainless steel bar systems, and source refrigeration and cooling equipment, wine and liquor storage solutions, including display cabinets, cellars and racking.

Draught beer and post-mix systems

We integrate beverage systems into your fitout to meet your operational needs. We work with suppliers such as Coca-Cola, Tooheys, Lion Nathan and CUB.

Lighting, audio and acoustic systems

We focus on the integration of effective audio, lighting and acoustic systems to create an immersive and inviting atmosphere for patrons.

Sports and gaming systems

We assist in the procurement and integration of TAB and sports systems, cable television, and gaming machines into your venue.

Systems consulting

We source and integrate various business systems including ID Scanners, POS (point of sale), inventory management, merchant services, CCTV and more.

Market research and demographics

We’ll help you work out who your target patrons are, want they want, and how best to use your fitout design to attract them.

Tenancy & landlord liaison

We handle tenancy approvals and have experience working with commercial lessors establishing bar and lounge fitouts.

WHS & food safety compliance

We ensure your fitout design is compliant with building codes, WHS and food health safety requirements to promote the safety of staff and patrons.

Space planning

We design your space to maximise patron occupancy, storage and work areas, to increase profit and efficiency.

Branding and graphic design

We offer complete branding and graphic design solutions including logos, signage, menus and uniforms to create a unified brand experience.

Minimise downtime

We deliver projects with innovative solutions for fitout designs that minimise downtime so you can keep your doors open.

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